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Wednesday 10th January 2018

A love of Roses

Picture the archetypal English flower and most people will think of a rose. Fragrant, delicate, beautiful and oh so romantic. 

Unsurprisingly roses are one of our most frequest requests in a wedding bouquet, with good reason. But do you know how many varieties of this beauty there are?

Margaret Merrill’s are popular - highly fragranced, dainty with perfect blooms of white. The Malaya Spray Rose is also a lovely creamy pink but this time looking more like a traditional garden rose. 

In contrast the Rachel is a wonderful combination of pink and peach frilled petals, Evelyn are apricot flowers made up of numerous small petals inter-twined with larger ones, Kiera is the rose of glorious vintage style blooms and Kate  - yes, named after the Duchess of Cambridge – the perfect rose to sit amongst other cottage garden flowers and foliage.

The final one to mention is White O’Hara, as beautiful in scent as it is in looks. One of our favourites to use in a bouquet.

There are many more varieties and to be honest, we love each and every one of them. When you’re thinking about your bouquet, add a little gentle, natural romance… we’d be happy to talk to you for hours about all the different types so we can find the perfect, in season, one for you. Take a look at some of our images here. 

As Shakespeare rightly said…

‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’

Image 1 by Tell Your Story Photography all other images by Eden Blooms Florist.

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