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Friday 3rd February 2017

Counting the days until Spring

As we start to leave the dark days of Winter behind us we can look forward to witnessing the arrival of Spring in all its glory. It’s the time of year when vibrant colours start to be seen everywhere, telling us that finally the days will start to get longer and (with a bit of luck) the sun is on its way.

Fields of Tulips (Tulipa) in all their glorious colours start to make an appearance. Representing ‘consuming love’ they make the ideal addition to a Spring wedding bouquet, they’re hardy, bright and cheerful… a good reflection of the bride!

Think about adding colour AND fragrance with the ‘oh so English’ Lavender (Lavandula), it makes a really delightful and unusual button hole.   


And then there’s one of my favourites (I have quite a few!), the delicate Sweet Pea - Lathyrus Odoratus - so pretty and adds such a gentle look to any bouquet. All those lovely pastel colours… it’s worth planning a spring wedding just so you can include them! 

Ranunculus - ‘the Rose of the spring’, Muscari – ‘the Grape Hyacinth’ and Syringa – Lilac, possibly the most spring like of all…  so many wonderful flowers worthy of consideration for the ‘big day’.

Yes, Spring will soon be on its way… and I for one can’t wait!

Third image by Janne Ford.  All other images by Eden Blooms Florist.

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