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Wednesday 18th May 2016

Eden Blooms and Emily Quinton

We were totally spoilt the other week as we attended one of Emily Quinton’s workshops. For those of you who are not familiar with the talented Emily keep reading!

Emily Quinton is a professional photographer, writer, blogger and maker! She has been a photographer for over a decade and has an extensive portfolio and an unimaginable amount of knowledge! She now spends her time helping others to see the world around us in a creative and more appreciative light. Emily does this through her beautiful instagram account and online courses but most prominently through her Makelight Studio Workshops where she teaches how to take beautiful pictures of the everyday things we do and make.


As I said we have been one of the lucky ones to attend her Makelight Studio based in South London and we must say it is a creative wonderland. A beautiful industrial building with huge original windows and high ceilings, it has light coming from all angles highlighting the room’s features and lending itself perfectly for learning about light, composition and photography! It is safe to say Emily and her course have helped us to improve our technical skills, to become more focused on developing our Eden Blooms style and to find simple ways to keep inspired and take beautiful pictures. Here is a sneak peek but keep watch of our Instagram to see us put in to practice what we learnt! 


Follow Emily on Instragram @emilyquinton  and find out about her workshop and courses on her website.

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