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Tuesday 15th May 2018

Highlighting Scabious

Now here’s a flower that we don’t talk about very often – and we really, really should!

The gentle, delicate, exquisitely beautiful Scabious is affectionately known as the Pincushion flower. Reasons that we love it? Firstly, there’s few better flowers to grow in your garden. Not only do they have a fantastically long-flowering season which means you can admire the plethora of lovely colours for longer, they’re also great for attracting pollinators into your garden so you’ll be helping keep the bees and butterflies happy too!

Secondly, they come in an amazing array of colours. Those lovely textured petals and spiky ball centre come in reds, blues, whites, purples, pinks… even blacks. Perfect for cutting and bringing those wonderful colours indoors, they can be used fresh or dried. Even the dried seed heads can be used, you don’t get much more versatile than that in a flower!

We love using these little treasures in arrangements and bridal bouquets, where they add a charming ‘country garden’ feel in the spring and summer, while the seed heads add a lovely and interesting texture to autumn and winter bouquets.After all that, needless to say Scabious will be featuring heavily in our Eden Blooms cutting garden this year!

All Images by Eden Blooms Florist.  Be inspired by this beautiful flower in our Eden Blooms Pinterest galleries.

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