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Friday 6th January 2017

Hues of Blues

There’s something wonderfully romantic about a field of cornflowers… they somehow manage to look wild and elegant all at the same time. And they have that same effect when used as part of a wedding bouquet –  Centaurea cyanus bring the outdoors in, in all its blue splendour.

Must be something in the colour as the blue tones of Delphinium, Scabious, Dried Lavender and Nigella have that same lovely quality. 

Delphiniums’ tall spikes of flowers are pure joy – it’s no wonder they’re also called Bella Donna, ‘beautiful lady’. And Scabious, part of the honeysuckle family, is ideal for bouquets with their long and wiry stems.

Increasingly popular is the soft blue of Dried Lavender, both as part of a larger bouquet and displays, but also as a natural confetti that smells simply divine!

And then there’s Nigella Damascena, the wonderfully named ‘Love-in-a-Mist’, my personal favourite. The ferny foliage gives great texture while the unique flowers, delicate, wispy looking, surprisingly robust, are oh so blue!  

If you’re starting to think about your wedding flowers, spare a thought for these British beauties… nothing says the countryside quite like them. 

Images by Eden Blooms Florist & Image 9 by Hana Laurie

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