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Thursday 27th April 2017

It’s not just Spring… it’s Peony Season!

The Peony is a true hero among wedding flowers – with layer upon layer of petals and a delicate fragrance, it turns a bouquet into something truly wonderful. What’s more they are often regarded as a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage so who are we to argue?!

There are a number of varieties, each equally beautiful in their own right. Alerti, very fragrant, compact, and turn from pink to white;  Sarah Bernhardt, with its large double flower of blossom pink; Coral Charm whose buds open salmon pink and gradually change to orange and finally yellow and Duchess De Nemours, huge white pom poms of flowers! 

If not in season for your wedding, have a look at the Peony Rose and Ranunculus as a really great alternative that will give the same ‘blousy’ feel. 

We love Ponies so much and we are so excited to be collaborating alongside the amazing Instagram Photographer and Stylist Janne Ford in June for our 'Magic of Peonies' – Floral Styling & Photography Course at our Flower Wholesalers – Dutchmasters Wholesalers. It's set to be a wonderful day and we look forward to welcoming so many of you and sharing some stunning images with you on our Eden Blooms Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest next month, following the course!

So... bring on the Peonies!

Image 1-Senior Mac Photography.  Image 2-6 Eden Blooms Florist. Image 7-Cotton Candy Photography.  Image 8- Elton Mogg Photography.  Image 9-Janne Ford.


Kathy Hester, says:

Gorgeous photos!

Janmary , says:

Beautiful flowers, gorgeous photos

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