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Thursday 20th September 2018

Loving Dahlias

When we look out at the cutting garden and the abundant supply of Dahlias, we love knowing the symbolic meaning behind these beautiful flowers. Grace, inner strength, dignity and elegance… qualities we would all like to possess!

And these beauties represent them so well with their gorgeous flowers in an array of vibrant, warm colours.

Although they’ll need some protection in winter, they’re easy to grow and will bring any garden to life… it’s very hard not to be cheered by a dahlia! Plant in full sun (thankfully we’ve had an abundance of that this year) and keep well watered. They’ll add several months of colour to your garden, and plant more than you think you’ll need as you’ll be wanting to cut them to brighten up the indoors too.

Just like roses and peonies, dahlias add elegance to wedding bouquets. And with so many colours to choose from you could go bright and vibrant, or soft and subtle. What’s more, the large blooms can be the focal point of your bouquet, or choose smaller varieties to add additional colour.

Dahlias are related to the sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum and zinnia, and when you see all the varieties with their different textures and petal shapes you can see the connections. In fact, discovering new colours and styles is all part of the fun of growing these flowers – you’ll uncover prolific blooms, tightly rolled petals, cactus dahlias with ray like petals, daisy like flowers with a single row of petals…. the list of varieties goes on and on.

Have fun with this fantastic flower and you’ll find the perfect variety for you.

Images by Eden Blooms Florist.

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