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Wednesday 6th April 2016

Ranunculus Love


Spring deserves to be celebrated and what better flower to do this with than the exquisite, delicate and oh so romantic Ranunculus flower.

This gorgeous miniature flower is characterised by layer upon layer of delicate petals, reminiscent of a tiny peony in bloom. Cultivated in a multitude of colours you can get shades of red, yellow, orange, white and pink and it’s petals open one by one, so you can slowly look deep into it’s beautiful heart.

Also known as Persian Buttercup due to its Asian origins, although by a roundabout route ended up in Europe where it got it’s official name of Ranunculus. Although not the most delicate name for such a romantic flower is does in fact symbolise ‘radiant charm’. If you were to give someone a bunch in Victorian times you were effectively saying, “I feel you have many charms” – those were the days eh!


Ranunculus are a particular favourite of ours, they work so well with all other spring flowers such as Narcissus, Hyacinths, Parrot Tulips and by gosh are they a great alternative to that hard to come by and everyone’s favourite, peonies. Like most flesh-stemmed flowers they like cold, clean water and will benefit from re-cutting, it is advised to change the water daily if possible (we all know how precious time is mind!). It is key to note that misting can encourage fungal rots, so do not mist! Look after them well and they will stay looking perfectly pretty for up to seven days, so ideal for weddings and we can enjoy these glorious blooms right now, although not from our beloved garden here at Eden Blooms but they’re widely available, specifically from the end of November through to May!

There is beauty in everything coming from nature, but Ranunculus flowers simply go above and beyond expectations. Wither their incredibly radiant colours it is fair to say that they will brighten anyone’s day!

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