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Tuesday 30th May 2017

Summer Flowers

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At last! The great British Summer has finally arrived and with it some of our most glorious flowers. The great variety available at this time means wedding bouquets are wonderfully scented, relaxed and romantic.

Some of our favourites are Stock, with their tall sturdy stems and beautiful array of colours, Roses, quintessentially English and beyond compare, Nigella and Cornflower, the cottage garden favourites, Scabious, part of the honeysuckle family, Lavender with its unique and unmistakable fragrance, and delicate, gentle Sweet Peas. In addition we love to use flowering mint and herbs, not only do they look good but obviously smell pretty amazing too!

So if you’re planning a Summer wedding, think about introducing a soft and relaxed ‘natural garden’ feel… picture a combination of rustic foliages and pastel shades, and a fragrance that will make all your guests think of Summer meadows…

Makes me smile just thinking about it….

Images 1,5,6,& 7 by Eden Blooms Florist.  Image 2 by Iona Wolf.  Image 3 & 4 by Aga Tomaszek.

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