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Wednesday 21st March 2018

Sweet Pea Heaven

It’s an unassuming little flower, but we are completely in love with the humble sweet pea (lathyrus odoratus). So much so that they have been given plenty of space in our very own Eden Blooms’ cutting garden.

You can easily grow sweet peas giving you a steady supply of colourful, fragranced joy to take indoors.

Now’s the time – as soon as spring arrives start planting in pots, or sow directly into the ground. Plant in a bright sunny spot in the garden, or in large containers on the patio.Its beneficial to pinch out tips (simply squeeze the top off between your finger and thumb reducing the plant to about 2 inches) when plants reach about 4 inches. This will encourage each plant to become bushier and more robust, not to mention the more shoots there are the more flowers you’ll get!

As climbers, they’ll need some support once they start growing – garden canes, trellis or even wire supports are fine. You’ll prolong the flowering period by regularly cutting the flowers – which is really good news – that’s more to take indoors.

There’s a HUGE range of varieties offering a myriad of colours -  apricots, pinks, lilacs, purples, deep maroons along with different patterns and fragrances. And given their amazing scent and blousy relaxed feel, they make a stunning wedding bouquet and can be the focus of a beautiful country garden style wedding.

You can see some of our home grown sweet peas on our pinterest and @eden blooms Instagram, and would love to encourage you to plant now and create your own little sweet pea heaven this year – these scented little beauties will reward you over and over again… very sweet indeed!

Images 1-5 by Eden Blooms Florist.  Image 6 by Guy Collier 

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